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Counseling and education

this is the core of nurse midwifery care

We believe strongly that given the facts about any given situation a woman and couple will make an informed decision that they can feel good about. It is not our job to sway you to do things the way we want you to do them; but rather, it is our job to lend you our expertise and give you the information you need to make a decision having been told the risks and benefits of any given scenario. We do our best to give you the information you want in the way you can understand it.

Lifestyle management

or alternative health and wellness – body/mind/spirit – heal your birth trauma

We can support your healthy lifestyle choices no matter where you are on the spectrum. We have consultants who are versed in herbal support, acupuncture, and massage as vehicles to a more healthy lifestyle. The following services and packages are provided by our Midwife360 affiliates.

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Destination Birth Package NEW

Midwifery counseling and care for women anywhere on earth!

Destination Birth refers to the concept that we can care for women all over the world if they are willing and able to travel to South Florida by 36 weeks of pregnancy. The way it works is that you would be getting care in your local community and have monthly Skype or Facetime sessions with Fadwah who would go over your records month to month, reviewing your lab work and discussing any issues that may arise.

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Birth Planner Packages & Pricing

Plan your birth the Midwife360 way

MIdwife360 has several pricing plans that can accommodate insurance or self-payPlease call our office for more details on all our package services.

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Midwife360 offers other types of postpartum support as well. We have a doula service with discounts available for all clients. Our clients can take advantage of our placental encapsulation services if desired.

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Family planning is more than just birth control. Family planning is thinking about all the factors in your life which affect childbearing.

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Drink Well. Live Well. Juice Plus

Staying healthy during pregnancy is not only about exercise, it’s about living well in the most healthy way.

Juice Plus can help you do that. We don’t recommend prenatal vitamins to our clients because we believe that it is better to obtain your nutrition from the food that you eat. If you are planning for a successful home birth, the core of your healthy practices is your diet. Everything you are, and every part of your developing baby comes originally from the food that you consume. We advocate organic food, and vegetarian, vegan, or clean farm-raised (not factory raised) animal products. Juice Plus is there to help bridge the gap between the servings of fruits and vegetables that you should be getting and the amount that you ACTUALLY get on a daily basis. Some doctors have informally studied Juice Plus with their pregnant women and have found bigger, healthier placentas with their clients who used Juice Plus during pregnancy instead of synthetic vitamins.

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