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Why more women are choosing Midwives for personal care

More women are choosing nurse practitioners and nurse midwives for their primary care because they find that these providers have a tendency to take more time with the visit, listen more carefully, and are more likely to develop a mutually agreed upon plan of care. Nurse midwives are trained to care for women throughout the life cycle. They can be the primary care providers for healthy women and can co-manage care for women who have underlying, chronic health problems or who develop health problems identified during the course of their routine care.

Our nurse midwife is trained and licensed to write prescriptions, and have collaborative relationships with multiple care providers from other specialties including OB/GYNs Perinatologists, Chinese medicine doctors, and naturopathic doctors. Midwife360 is contracted in network with multiple insurance companies. All of these reasons and more are why women are seeking out care from Midwife360 for their women’s health issues.

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