Midwife360 is Moving, Again

Midwife360 is moving...again Thank you so much, Sol Yoga Oasis for allowing us to have a home with you. We will always be grateful neighbors! Midwife360 is moving to an even better location. A stand-alone

Home Birth Info – Just RSVP!

Home Birth Your Questions, Answered. Women have been helping women give birth for thousands of years. Find out more about Home Birth, this natural, loving and responsible method of birthing. You do have a choice.

When Labor Does Not Lead To Birth -3

Read our 4 part story about long labor scenarios, posted every Wednesday. Part 3 Where are the home-birth friendly hospital providers? Why don’t the labor and delivery hospitalists get to know their home birth counterparts

Amazing Moms Circle

This Week's Amazing Moms Circle Feature Friday, June 30, meeting 10-12 will have a featured guest - Courtney Breiman of Holistic Hands Colon Hydrotherapy and Certified Nutritionist. She will be on hand to discuss nutrition