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Midwife360 was conceived as an alternative to the hospital birth experience that the founder, Fadwah Halaby, CNM witnessed over and over again during the 8 years she spent as an employee of a busy OB practice. As a staunch home-birther herself, she found it increasingly difficult to participate in the standard childbirth scenario that is found in American hospitals. She found herself getting burned out feeling obligated to save women from the decisions that they had made, knowing that many women chose the standard route because that’s what they thought they were supposed to do. She saw many women gravitate towards her as a more natural-minded provider, but frequently that was not enough to prevent an unnecessary cesarean. For normal first pregnancies the cesarean rate should be about 12%, when in fact it is 40-60% in South Florida. At the Farm in Tennessee where they have been doing home births since the 70s,  the c section rate is less than 2%. Fadwah realized that she needed to step away and create an alternative to the cold, ‘sterile’, unfamiliar environment of the hospital that uses drugs as a substitute for human touch. She is grateful for the rich hospital experience (and over 1600 births) as a priceless gift that enables her to be a calm, trusting guide for women to bring their babies forth in the quiet, loving environment of their homes. Midwife360 offers an alternative to the standard experience. We encourage you to plan for your successful vaginal birth, and provide the care to help you attain it. We also offer VBAC birth in an effort to turn the tide on the c-section rate. So come on in! Browse around! And call us for a consult; you will be glad you did!

We are currently located in Boca Raton, FL but are looking to relocate in the Lake Worth area. We are also looking for an obstetrician to partner with so that we can offer our clients a more satisfying experience should the need for hospital transfer become necessary. Birth is a physiological event; it is a natural function of a woman’s body. If that body is free from underlying medical problems and is supported with good nutrition and exercise and adjunct modalities such as massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture through the pregnancy, it will do it’s job efficiently and effectively. It is the same with all the body’s functions – digestion, respiration, even thinking – all these functions can be more or less optimal depending on the over-all health of the body and the particular system that you’re looking at. The woman’s job is to feed herself with clean, healthy foods and care for her body. The provider’s job is to perform comprehensive prenatal care in order to flush out any undiagnosed issues and address them appropriately so that the pregnancy can remain healthy and the baby can be developed and birthed safely.

At Midwife360, we discuss all of these things with our clients from the first day they come to us. We also perform comprehensive prenatal care using all of the same standardized tests that one would find if they sought care with any other midwife or OB. We only use ultrasound as needed, with most women only getting 2 ultrasounds throughout their pregnancy as long as her overall picture remains normal. The other half of optimal preparation for birth is the mental preparation. We encourage our clients to educate themselves and are working on creating a book/video list for recommendations. Taking a childbirth education class and learning hypnosis for childbirth has been repeatedly shown to be extremely effective in helping women cope with the act of labor and birth. Some women even enjoy their labors! We are looking forward to meet you and discuss how we can help you plan your Birth Day!

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